Keller Farms is a licensed Illinois EPA land application company permitted for land application of non-hazardous, industrial, and municipal waste materials. In this capacity, we work with county and state government agencies to comply with the Illinois Solid Waste Management Act to minimize the landfill disposal of non-hazardous solid waste. Applying these materials to agricultural land enhances soil quality and increases availability of good soils that are profitable for farm production.  

Our Goal is to Try and Help Your Business 

Keller Farms is seeking to establish partnerships with government and regulatory agencies, businesses, and industries concerned with environmental issues by making agricultural operations a cost-effective option for non-hazardous solid waste disposal.

Potential Soil Enhancement Materials

  • Waste water treatment sludge

  • Water treatment lime sludge

  • Paper processing sludge

  • Paper ash

  • Used sand, Celite

  • Organic matter from vegetable processing

  • Gypsum

  • Livestock waste

  • Foundry sand

Land Applications 

When agricultural land application is suitable, Keller Farms can usually remove the material from the waste generator’s site at a substantial savings over other disposal options. Many materials that may not traditionally be thought of as agricultural amendments can be land applied if they have low concentrations of heavy metals and toxins. Keller Farms currently land applies wastewater treatment plant sludge, water treatment plant lime sludge, industrial by-products from several St. Louis metro east area municipalities, and non-hazardous waste from the St. Louis metropolitan area.